Choosing the right Real Estate Agent to sell your property?


Selling your most valueble possession can be an emotional and deeply personal experience. Being guided through the process by a caring and trained professional will remove the stress and achieve the highest possible return for your property. Negotiating and engaging qualified buyers and drawing them to your property is a full time job. Bringing those buyers to the point of decision and making sure they have every base covered before entering into a contract to purchase your property saves my Sellers from the dissapointment of a failed contract.


Buyer's contact me via many ways, including; internet sites, refferals from past clients, database buyers, phone inquiries and people searching through our high profile window display. Before I even attempt to bring buyers to my exclusive properties, they are qualified of their intentions and capabilities or capacity to purchase. Whilst showing them photos,maps and details of properties in our office LCD screen or on the internet we can build a rapport and an understanding with buyers very quickly. I am not in the business of wasting Seller's time, Buyer's time and my own time.


No doubt you would be aware that there are many and varied real estate agents vying for the attention of Buyers and Sellers, this can be daunting for Sellers, " Should we choose Red, Green, or Blue agency etc?". Each agency has their own benefits, and differences, for the most part they are competitive and actively in pursuit of quality properties to sell. The indivindual agents are real people who really do live and breathe real estate, they have their fingers on the pulse and know their business inside and out. At the end of the day it is about your personal preference and who you feel comfortable working with, if an agent can't sell you on thier genuinity, honesty, and spunk, then they probably can't sell your most valueable asset. Reputations are built upon repeated successful outcomes for all interactions with people both currently and in the past. Testimonials, and word of mouth from past Clients is a great insight into how a particular agent conducts themselves and show the relationship of trust that evolves.


I have created this real estate resource website to share some of the information you may require as a property owner and future Seller. As a marketing and sales consultant, my purpose is to position your property in the spotlight and make it appear to be something very special.  As your agent will give you constant feedback about how you property is performing and keep you up to date. Feedback from Buyers who have inspected your property or why they did not choose to inspect it is all relevant. I will also keep you informed of current buyer trends, this is quite interesting and buyers focus can be affected my many outside sources, media, change of seasons, weather events, changes to infrastructure such as upgraded roads etc. Governmental  both local and Federal has  profound affect on buying patterns, even international events trigger different responses and desires.  Some triggering factors are cyclic events like interest rates reviews, elections, and even school holiday seasons which reappear year after year. The average agent will plough through regardless hoping to snag a buyer(it's called using the same old bait), a great agent will re-invent the listing and marketing to ignite new interest, as well as keep your specific requirements foremost in their minds.In fishing terms, it means raise the anchor, put some fresh bait on and move to a more populated location.


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