So you've entered into a contract to buy your dream home,

The clock is ticking...


Congratulations, It's not quite time to pop the bubbly, but its getting closer. Does your Contract require a Building and pest inspection as part of the conditions? Has your contract got a finance clause and date? Are there any other special conditions such as Due Diligence clauses or other specific requirements?


Now is the time to get these "conditional items" sorted. We can help with a comprehensive list of specialists who we can reccommend. Remember for any inspections at your purchase property it will need to be arranged with your agent, who will organize and attend inspections etc on behalf of the current property owner. It is not recommended that buyers and sellers communicate directly as differeing personalities and unintentional differences can taint or worse still lead to failed contracts. As a professional agent it is my duty to be the middle man and communicate between the parties to ensure a seamless and successful transmission from selling to sold.


If finance is becoming an issue with you current bank. it is vital you let the agent know ASAP so they can redirect  you to a more suitable lender or offer options which you may not be aware of.

Popular local building experts who can help you